IVF – Internal Bleeding after OPU

Happily married for 2 years++ and trying hard for babies.. ya, i am greedy, was hoping for babies ~ twins, rather than singular baby… Decided to opt for IVF before i reach 35++. This year November, I will be 35yo, so i rush my time and gave up all our saving for IVF. We decided to gave all our money to Pantai Hospital :P. We undergo our 1st IVF with Dr Adilah.

After injecting myself (with my hubby’s help) every day and night, today (4 July 2014) is my OPU (Ovum Pick Up) day. I thought it will be happy day, since based on all my internet reading and feedbacks, OPU is not too painful & it fairly a simple process :)

OPU process was pretty fast. However i was sort of disappointed as i didnt respond well with the drug. After 17 pergoveris (most people only need 8) yet Doctor only managed to retrieved 3 eggs and sadly only 1 survived :(

After OPU I was able to go home in 2 hours time. But due to work, my hubby have to leave me at hospital for day care. Around 6pm, hubby reached, he was late because he stuck in jam, and yeaa i can go home.. but to my surprise, i encountered sharp abdomen pain, especially on my left side. I feel dizzy and cant really walk.

As i have done lots of reading, non mentioned about such pain and dizziness, without taking any risk, my hubby check with nurse. Dr Adilah has left the hospital but she was kind enough that she U-turn back to hospital to take a look, in fact it was Fasting month. I was very reluctant to overnight at hospital, maybe i scare of ghost.. LOL. I insist to go home as i thought the dizziness was due to hunger. FYI, for OPU process we has to fast for several hours and after OPU i only ate 2 small piece of bread.  Luckily, Dr Adilah pursued me to stayput at hospital for check up. My face was pale like ghost. Somehow when i was very blur, i signed the agreement form for laparoscopy surgery.. :P

Around 7pm, i was sent for laparoscopy surgery, i was in huge pain.. Out of doctor surprise, there was a slow internal bleeding which cause by a blood vessel. According to Doctor, I lost 1.2 litter blood. I might die if i have gone home that night.

Special care was given to me that night, my pulse was low, my blood was low, my white blood cell is too high.. On that night few nurse check on me every 15min, i am a VIP for that few days. But the cost charged to me also is VIP amount… “faint”. I paid almost RM23k for IVF (not yet transfer embryo yet), and additional RM20k for laparoscopy surgery. Luckily for laparoscopy i was able to claim my insurance.

I am not sure whether I am lucky or unlucky..

Lucky as in.. I m still alive & reborn. I might have die if i go home that night. Sleep in death. :)

Unlucky as in.. why me.. Internal bleeding after OPU rarely happen, maybe 0.005% of IVF patients, i am really the unlucky one and worst still i only have one survive embryo, freeze in day3. :(

Now i just pray that my one and only embryo survive the thawing process and able to grow to day5 blastocyst, and able to stick to my womb and able to grow and make my stomach BIG.. Oh god please help me. Please give me all the luck i need to get pregnant. I really hope for a BFP after all these drama that happen on me.


About traciang

traciang ~ * A typical Malaysian lady who hate to work too hard and love to travel :) * Hate complicated stuff, and hate to use the brain (whenever possible), therefore, there is still alot of space in the Brain-disk :P * Love dogs - only own dogs. Try not to touch other people's dog, scare they will bite me.
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