IVF – Internal Bleeding after OPU

Happily married for 2 years++ and trying hard for babies.. ya, i am greedy, was hoping for babies ~ twins, rather than singular baby… Decided to opt for IVF before i reach 35++. This year November, I will be 35yo, so i rush my time and gave up all our saving for IVF. We decided to gave all our money to Pantai Hospital :P. We undergo our 1st IVF with Dr Adilah.

After injecting myself (with my hubby’s help) every day and night, today (4 July 2014) is my OPU (Ovum Pick Up) day. I thought it will be happy day, since based on all my internet reading and feedbacks, OPU is not too painful & it fairly a simple process :)

OPU process was pretty fast. However i was sort of disappointed as i didnt respond well with the drug. After 17 pergoveris (most people only need 8) yet Doctor only managed to retrieved 3 eggs and sadly only 1 survived :(

After OPU I was able to go home in 2 hours time. But due to work, my hubby have to leave me at hospital for day care. Around 6pm, hubby reached, he was late because he stuck in jam, and yeaa i can go home.. but to my surprise, i encountered sharp abdomen pain, especially on my left side. I feel dizzy and cant really walk.

As i have done lots of reading, non mentioned about such pain and dizziness, without taking any risk, my hubby check with nurse. Dr Adilah has left the hospital but she was kind enough that she U-turn back to hospital to take a look, in fact it was Fasting month. I was very reluctant to overnight at hospital, maybe i scare of ghost.. LOL. I insist to go home as i thought the dizziness was due to hunger. FYI, for OPU process we has to fast for several hours and after OPU i only ate 2 small piece of bread.  Luckily, Dr Adilah pursued me to stayput at hospital for check up. My face was pale like ghost. Somehow when i was very blur, i signed the agreement form for laparoscopy surgery.. :P

Around 7pm, i was sent for laparoscopy surgery, i was in huge pain.. Out of doctor surprise, there was a slow internal bleeding which cause by a blood vessel. According to Doctor, I lost 1.2 litter blood. I might die if i have gone home that night.

Special care was given to me that night, my pulse was low, my blood was low, my white blood cell is too high.. On that night few nurse check on me every 15min, i am a VIP for that few days. But the cost charged to me also is VIP amount… “faint”. I paid almost RM23k for IVF (not yet transfer embryo yet), and additional RM20k for laparoscopy surgery. Luckily for laparoscopy i was able to claim my insurance.

I am not sure whether I am lucky or unlucky..

Lucky as in.. I m still alive & reborn. I might have die if i go home that night. Sleep in death. :)

Unlucky as in.. why me.. Internal bleeding after OPU rarely happen, maybe 0.005% of IVF patients, i am really the unlucky one and worst still i only have one survive embryo, freeze in day3. :(

Now i just pray that my one and only embryo survive the thawing process and able to grow to day5 blastocyst, and able to stick to my womb and able to grow and make my stomach BIG.. Oh god please help me. Please give me all the luck i need to get pregnant. I really hope for a BFP after all these drama that happen on me.

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Cash Biz = Good Biz

As a beginner in entrepreneur biz field, my brain is less complicated than the old players. These old players focus on million million project which sound good money, but in reality…. The collection for theses project is tougher than u thought. The main-contractor tend to drag the payment for months or worst.. for years, which then become bad debts!

To avoid all these unnecessary stress & debts…. my biz philosophy focus on cash $$$$$.

Any Cash Business is a Good Business!

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911 – Today is a very special day yo me & to my life…. I m legally married to Lester Loke. :) We registered at Tian Hou Kong. His relatives & my family members have joined us in this special occasion.

Our 1st date is on 26-2-2006… which mean we r together for 6years!

Congratulating to myself n Lester. Hope our life will be better to best. 11-9-11 … Is so easy to remember the date.hahaha

Bye bye ~ single life.

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Concluding NZWH

Today – 11 April 2011 marked my last day in NZWH. These 6months in NZ are very special to my life. From a OL (Office Lady) to labour work force is quite a drastic change in my working life.

What i have learned from this 6mths NZWH break:

1) Simple Life

I have been working in advertising line (media planning) right after my graduation. I do considered the work life in ad line as hectic and lifeless. NZWH does allowed me to experienced simple life with homogeneous labour work… However, i think we are all too young to continue the simple life for too long. 6 to 9 months are good enough, anything longer than this, i think my brain will be in “comma” stage :P

=> NZ is good for retirement, as second home, but not now.

2) Thick Face To Survive

As a professional OL in Malaysia, i only hunt for job when i was fresh grad. The job hunters or other organizations have been hunting for me, for my experiences ever since i am an experienced media planner. So, u can see i am a passive job searcher. Due to the unequal supply and demand in media planner market & extremely stressful job, we as media planners are always in high demand.

Well, in NZWH the scenario is totally different! As mentioned earlier, we are just homogeneous workers in NZ, no skills nor knowledge nor qualification is required for blue collar works. As such, we need to be thick face in hunting job. On my 1st week of job hunting in NZ, i hv to go through each and every restaurants at Taupo to beg for waitress job…. yes, to beg for waitress job, and no one want to employ me.. “sob, sob” :(

I was so desperate for a job, hmmm.. to be more precise, i m more desperate for money $$$ for surviving in NZ. The desperation for surviving is so amazing that it forces me to be thick face to beg or work for any employers for money. I have never encounter such as desperation for survivor in Malaysia

=> The desperation for survivor has in fact very useful, when i m back to Malaysia. I am thicker face.. “hohoho” and i m not scare of asking for things that i want nor scare of failure.

3) Experience Mere Travelling Life

I worked damn hard for first few month in NZ, North Island. After earning sufficient $$$,  i used most of my hard earned NZ money to travel in South Island for a month+. I burned my money with luxury backpacker life in NZ – eat good food, stay in highly rated backpacker hostels, luxury activities.. ie: skydive, glacier via helicopter, etc.

Nevertheless, mere travelling without life purpose is quite boring. Although, my hobby was travelling, however, after travelling too long, i started to get bored.

=> Travelling with lots of sufficient money is good, but in life, we need to have a balance in leisure and self-esteem.

I shall miss you alot NZ. Is really a very different life experience. But for the time being, we are not going to meet each other, maybe for another few years. I shall see you again in few more years.. I love you ~ New Zealand.

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I m a Homogeneous Worker in NZ

Whether u r a degree holder or a master holder, you are generally homogenous if u r a NZWH holder.

You will need to compete with Tom, Dick or Harry (generally everyone fr everywhere) for a simple blue collar job!

Once u got the job, you no need to use too much of yr brain to complete the job. You will do the job like everyone else, and it is a routine job.

So, forget about your qualifications, forget about your skills, forget about the job satisfaction and self-esteem!

Welcome to the world of homogeneous!!

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Grew Fatter Without U Knowing!

If you think NZWH will make you thinner, you r definitely wrong! “wrong wrong”

I consider myself as thin type. I was 45kg (plus minus 1-2kg) since i was in secondary school till now (before i joined NZWH).

After 1months in NZ, without knowing, i gained weight by additional 4kg! “faint faint”. Can u believe it, is 4kg additional… “gosh”. I was so shocked when i weighted myself. I thought the scale was spoilt.. :P

Then, when i chat with other NZWH folks, some told me they gain weight by 6-10kg!! Scary man!!

I guess, is all the dairies product and pastries that make NZWH folks fat. Fyi, when u r not working, you tend to join other NZWH folks to bake pastries, which cumulatively make me fat..

Fat! Fat!

So if the wight-scale reflected yr additional pounds, do trust the machine  :P

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Gong Xi Fatt Choy – 2011 in NZ

Today is CNY Eve. But i hv worked from 2pm to 10pm. 1st time in my life, i need to work during CNY period. We celebrated our CNY Eve after work – 11pm :)

It was a simple gathering with the house-mates, and we invited few of our friends to join us. Gong Xi Fatt Choy to everyone.

Yawnnnnn…. tomorrow is another working day!!

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Raining Day = Jobless Day

In NZ, the work availability is very much depend on weather, regardless whether you work in indoor or outdoor. This is becaz, when it rains, you can’t pick kiwi fruits, blueberry, raspberry, squash, etc.. and the fruits cannot be havest. If it cannot be harvest, this mean the packhouse will hv no fruits to be packed. It is a chain reaction, so Raining day = Jobless day = No $$$  :(

I hv been no job since Wed till today (Sunday)…. haih -_-

And, the problem with raining day is that, you can’t go out to beach side or mount hiking… gosh 

So, i will eat more n sleep more  :)

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1st Time Working Indoor – Squash Grading

When i got my NZWH visa approached, my plan was to get an packing job. But, everything is very hard to be determined in NZ, the job offers are very competitive, so we hv been with outdoor job for nearly 3mths. Now i got a indoor job offer at last…. hooooraay.

The job was to grade the squash. For those that not familiar what is squash.. it is a pumpkin, but smaller in size, and according to kiwi ppl, squash is tastier than pumpkin. But to me, both taste the same.. hahahhahah

The job scope is very easy…. while the squash rolling n rolling on the roller, you will need to pick up the rotten squash, or those squash that hv sunburn, and then dump into another bin. These selected, so-called unwanted squash will be sold to lower end market, like Thailand. The grade A squash will be sent to Japan and higher end market.

So, the whole day.. i m seeing the squash rolling n rolling n rolling… so, so, so, so sleepy.. “yawnnnnnn”

Actually, outdoor job is more fun, yet it is too hot!! I want to be fair, dont want to be black black, so no choice, need to deal with the boring indoor job  :P

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Bungy Jump During Xmas Eve

Bungy jump was one of the ‘must do item’ in my ‘must do list’. :P

Today – 2010 Christmas Eve, finally i decided to jump at Taupo, North Island… hooooray

Ok. Let me give u some info on Taupo Bungy:

  • Taupo Bungy is 47metres (153feet) above the crystal clear Waikato River. FYI, Waikato River has a very very cool & nice scenery  :)
  • Taupo Bungy is the world’s first cantilever platform
  • Your weight must be min of 45kg
  • Of course u must be old enough to jump – 10years old +, which i think shouldn’t be a problem for those NZWH folks :P
  • You may log on to www.taupobungy.com for more info

Ok, now let talk about the cost for the few minute jump…. “sweat sweat”

  • You can enjoy discount rate at NZ95, if you hv the voucher from some iSite Boucher, but the condition is that you must jump before 11am.
  • Normal rate – Jump will cost you NZ123, you can top up NZ80 for photo+DVD = Total NZ203

FYI, as the cost is too expensive to me.. i hv stand at the counter for more than 15min, doubting whether to top up the NZ80 for the photo/DVD or not…. At the end, i topped up  :P, which i think is worthy, becaz:

  • The DVD recording is really nice. As there hv dedicated recording facilities at the platform, so the photo and the recording is very clear & nice. FYI, yr friend will not be able to get such a good shot, as they stand abit far fr the platform.
  • Good for life-time memory. When u r old, & when u look back the video, you will feel that u r so cool & brave to jump, so u can show to yr grand grand grand children… hahhahaha

How was the ‘jumping’ feeling?

  • Scary when u see it is so high, and u tend to stand at the platform doubting jump or not jump. hahaha. Anyway the person incharge will push u down if u stand at the platform too long.. so u better jump yrself lah, since u pay for it  :P
  • Once u jump down, make sure u open yr eye. The crystal clear waikato river is really nice.
  • While hanging here & pumping up & down, the feeling is very ‘shiok’ (nice)!!

Hoooraaaay… Let jump at NZ!

My next must do item – Skydive. :)

Merry Christmas to everyone.. Cheers

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